Eric G. Beckman – Moody Bible Institute

Planned Giving – Department Manager
phone: 312-329-4168

Lucia Blinn

“Writing this makes me nervous. If I say what a splendid computer guru/coach/tutor Jerry is, he’ll be booked night and daywith no time for me. Jerry promises that won’t happen. Meanwhile, if you need a kind, smart problem-solver whose patience never runs out and who won’t make you feel like a ninny, Jerry’s your man.”- Lucia Blinn

Kevin M. Flynn – Kevin M. Flynn & Associates

“Jerry combines acute technology skills with an adept personal touch.  He’s always a pleasure to work with whether for business or personal technology needs.”
phone: 312-456-0240

Rickey Gold – Rickey Gold & Associates

“Jerry is the consummate professional. He’s thorough, diligent and dependable. He can do anything from setting up systems to troubleshooting networks and solving problems via remote access”.
phone: 773-348-4973

Terrence M. Johnson – Chicago From the Lake. Ltd.

Terrence M. Johnson, Esquire
phone: 312-922-4022

 James L. Kopecky – Kopecky Schumacher Bleakley Rosenburg

“Jerry is a great guy, hard worker and a team player. You should use him if you need assistance with computers.”
phone: 312-380-6552

 William J. Martin – William J. Martin, Ltd.

“…(Jerry) has the gift of being able to communicate easily with anyone from a highly trained systems person to a computer illiterate”.
phone: 708-386-3966

Michael McClure – Strategic Financial Group, Inc.

“Jerry is my go-to for all PC problems, Home and Office. He’s always responsive and when he says he will have something done, it’s done on time. I also appreciate his ability frame issues in terms I can understand and taking the time to listen his clients is very much appreciated. I can’t say enough GREAT things Jerry and his company”.

Ellen Morse – Ellen Morse Travel

“Jerry has become my go-to person making sure my technology in my office operates the way it should.  Jerry is always there to keep it up to date and handles any problem that arises.  I consider him an offsite member of my staff; an integral member of business”.
phone: 312-337-9235

Tim O’Malley – Concierge Preferred

“Jerry is a thoughtful, hardworking, partnership oriented businessman who continues to bring value to me and my company!”
phone: 312-360-1770