Recommended Apps

Viruses and malware can slow your computer to a crawl.  I can clean up viruses and malware for you, allowing your computer to function better.  I suggest the software applications below to assist you in the daily, if not hourly battle against viruses and malware. Don’t have time?   I do…call me and I will install them for $40 (for Labor)

First Choice

  • ESET – NOD32, ($40*) excellent program for virus protection.
  • Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, ($25*) detect, destroy, and prevent malware.
  • Ninite, ($10*) Install and Update All Your Programs at once.
  • CrashPlan, ($60*) the best way to back up and store data securely
  • LastPass, (Free) Store all of your passwords safely in a vault.

* All prices reflect the yearly cost.

 Second choice